The Hunger Games
I'm just a girl who's obssesed with the Hunger Games
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I assume this is how Liam does in real life and I love it.
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At the train station....

  • Person: The Hunger Games is Stupid
  • Me:
  • Person:
  • Me:
  • Person:
  • Police: So she fell on to the train tracks?.
  • Me: Yes..that's what happened
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my dad just walked in on me kissing my computer…
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  • Haymitch: Last Friday Night!
  • Cato: I died in the Hunger Games
  • Cinna: I made Katniss go up in flames
  • Effie: I had to pick two random namess!
  • Caeser: Last fridayy niightt,
  • Katniss: I volunteered here for my sis
  • Peeta: Katniss and I shared a kiss
  • Snow: I do not believe any of this!
  • Haymitch: But this friday night!
  • Katniss: I might dieee...again.